We are doing our bit for the environment! 

We feel strongly about our environment and the qualtity and appearance of our properties and as such have set our goals to attain;

  • the banning of all "old fashioned, energy sapping globes" in our residences.
  • the replacement of these globes with CFL's (compact flourescent lamps) and LED's.
  • installation of geyser timers to reduce the "on time" of these appliances. Insulation blankets are also being fitted.
  • the planting of a tree for every tenant that we house, ultimately trying to aim for a zero carbon footprint.
  • the reduction of office printing and faxing, aiming for a paperless environment.
  • Introduction of prepaid electricty meters in all our rooms and units.

Future goals and research include;

  • the capturing of rainwater in storage tanks for domestic use.
  • grey water recycling into our gardens.
  • Solar power
  • Categorized garbage recycling
  • Natural gas manufacturing derived from household garbage recycling.
  • Better property insulation methods.