Minimum Property requirements

Let and Stay would love to welcome you to our family, taking over the management of your property and maximising your return on investment. In order for us to proceed the property will have to meet our minimum requirements;

  • Acceptable exterior  - not detracting from the character of the suburb and in good and fresh condition.
  • Freshly painted interior: Neutral washable paint.
  • Semi-furnished rooms: Bed, desk, chair, curtains, cupboard.
  • Kitchen with fridge, stove, microwave.
  • Lounge with seating.
  • Washing line
  • Optional washing machine - increased rental possible with this option
  • Optional DSTV - enquire for our solution.
  • Access control to the property.
  • Maid: Cleaning minimum once a week (depending on property size)
  • Garden: Once a week.

New legislation will further demand the following requirements;

  • Max 4 people per bathroom
  • 0.5 parking bays per tenant: Can be relaxed on justifiable request.
  • Single room size 7m2, Double room 14m2
  • Approved consent use application or proff of submission.
  • Designated areas in the various suburbs where communes would be allowed.

Let and Stay would be able to assist you with the application for consent use rights and all other requirements such as finding suitable cleaners for your property and more. The designated student housing areas in the various suburbs are of extreme importance - if you are entering the market for the first time and would like invest in a student property, talk to us first.

We offer you a turnkey solution to meet all the legislative and other requirements. Should all of this sound to daunting, we have qualified investors that will purchase your property.

We have high standards for our managed properties and our tenants demand the same from us. The new legislation will empose hefty daily fines for non-compliance with the minimum requirements. The Department of Health will conduct bi-annual inspections of the property and issue approval certification if they are satisfied. Without the certification you would not be able to conduct a student residence.

Additional policing is conducted by the various student sponsors/bursury funds and institutions and as such the minimum requirments are vital. 

We are accredited with all of the institutional sponsors and therefore require these minimum standards to retain accreditation and ensure that we accommodate the correct tenants. The correct tenant ensures maximum return on your investment.

The bursary institutions are increasingly only dealing with accredited letting agents. Further to this, the universities are also starting with their accommodation accreditation policies, making it much harder to find and accommodate suitable, quality students in your private capacity.

By dealing with us you will sidestep all the aforementioned issues and have a hassle free investment.